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Strategic Plan

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association
Strategic plan 2009 - 2012

Project List Grouped by Category with Project Leaders

Blockhouse Site
(Chris Edwards)
Privacy fence at IC restrooms
Blacksmith shed at Blockhouse site
Horse facilities at Blockhouse site
Reconstruct Franklin cabin
Build a bake oven at the Blockhouse
Reroute the walkway to the Blockhouse and replace upper section with turf stone
Install reader rails along walkway to Blockhouse
Install path lights along walkway from parking lot to IC
Install landscaping and 24 hr light at flagpole/patriot monument
Plant trees
Swivel gun

Trail Development
(Michael Beard)
Investigate North Carolina extension to the Wilderness Trail
Provide trail signs for the Sycamore Shoals extension
Improve/mark trail access to Holston and Clinch rivers

Infrastructure Projects
(Bob McConnell)
Plan a project at WRSP
Stabilize the Kane Gap Trail
Renovate the Blockhouse monument
Install additional interpretative panels in Lee County and Scott County

Music & Festivals
(Ron Short)
Sponsor period music programs
Produce a period music CD and song/history booklet
Have more social events at the Blockhouse
Sponsor a “Frontier Festival”
Develop a progressive historical sites tour
Package the Ralph Blizzard “Tour Tunes” background music as a separate CD

(Harold Jerrell)
Revise and reprint the driving brochure
Develop and print a Blockhouse brochure/booklet
Put our brochures in pdf format on line
Produce a print edition of the IC floor map
Upgrade the website

(Sally Kelly)
Develop a period clothes closet
Develop an educational outreach program
Develop and publish a history coloring book
Organize an interpretative group to visit schools
Provide “unit” boxes for teachers
Publish the “Blockhouse” book
If you would like to assist with funding or in-kind services for one of these projects please contact the Association at roberte@mounet.con . All contributions are fully tax deductible under IRS 501(c)3

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