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Welcome to the Frontier Kids Page!

This is an area where kids can learn more about the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail as well as take an online educational quiz.

All the information required to complete each question correctly is located on this website so happy hunting!

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Quiz

  1. In what year did John Anderson build the blockhouse?
  2. John Anderson probably met Daniel Boone at _______________, where Boone was an officer in 1774, and John was an ensign in the militia.
  3. Little Carpenter, Peace Chief of the Cherokee during the last third of the 18th century, was also called
  4. When Daniel Boone became commanding officer of forts along the Clinch River, it was during which war?
  5. John Anderson married ____________
  6. In what year did Daniel Boone first try to move his family to Kentucky?
  7. Boone, his family, and the other travelers headed for Kentucky on that first attempt, turned back because ____________________
  8. About how many settlers did Benjamin Sharp find gathered at Blacks, at what is now Abingdon, during the Cherokee War of 1776?
  9. Who wrote the article on this web site titled “The Wilderness Road Controversy?”
  10. What Virginia Indian tribe's descendants now live at Indian Neck?
  11. Who is the best known leader of the early history of the Mingo Indian nation?
  12. What is the name of the gap through which the trail marked by Daniel Boone in 1775 crosses Powell Mountain?

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