The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association

Mission: To identify, preserve and promote historically significant sites along the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail corridor from Long Island of the Holston to Cumberland Gap by creating historically accurate interpretative, educational and recreational opportunities which will foster regional tourism and economic development.

We have put together an archive of materials we hope you will find useful. Our hope is to provide information that will Preserve and Promote the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail and provide educational opportunities along the way. Please use the following information as a starting point in discovering more about the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail and our organization.

The Blockhouse on the Holston

The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association has published a history of the Blockhouse that was built in 1775 on the North Fork of the Holston by John Anderson. His fortified home became a landmark along the road west, the Wilderness Road, marked by Daniel Boone that same year. Over the next thirty years, some 300,000 people passed Anderson’s home on their journey through Cumberland Gap and on into what would become the state of Kentucky, and further westward.

William L. Anderson, a direct descendant of John, has written a well-researched book that tells the story, the history of the home that became known to posterity as “The Blockhouse,” and its part in the expansion westward of our new nation. The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association is proud to offer this book that tells, for the first time in such detail, the very significant part played in our nation’s history by the pioneer settlers of the western frontier during the last quarter of the eighteenth century.

Also included in the book are many brief biographies of significant players in the story, maps, an article on Fort Blackmore, and the diary of early explorer Dr. Thomas Walker.

The book may be purchased for $19.95 at Natural Tunnel State Park at the Visitor’s Center and at the Wilderness Road Blockhouse Interpretive Center (276-940-2674) and at the law offices of Lisa Ann McConnell in Duffield. Or contact Robert E. McConnell at or 276-452-4520

The Siege at The Blockhouse Video

The Daniel Boone Wildenress Trail Association and Natural Tunnel State Park present the annual Siege at the Blockhouse Frontier Re-enactment held each May. Click here for a special video presentation of this historical event.

Historical Perspectives

Start here to see the complete collection of historical articles about significant places, events and people along the 1775 Wilderness Trail corridor and the early America frontier. If you would like to submit an article to be considered for posting on our website send it in Microsoft Word to Articles submitted will be reviewed for appropriate content. All articles accepted become the property of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association unless accompanied by a copyright notice with permission to use.

Frontier Kids

Frontier Kids

We have created a specific page for children interested in learning more about the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail. Go here to learn more about our Frontier Kids program.